Projects: Avaal Building Toronto | 2683 Islington Avenue

Scope and Status: Design Concept only

This office building commissioned in 2011, was to house the staff of a busy technology company specialising in Transportation Software.

A lot of innovative design strategies went into the design including the full redesign of the Company’s logo. We picked up in the ‘Stencil’ theme realising all the alphabets in the Company’s logo could easily exist on a standard Stencil. This logo was to be cut like a stencil on a Corten Steel background , hung prominently on the main facade and would have had a striking presence in the evening with the light shining behind and thru it. The light (speed of light) further emphasised on the Company’s mantra of ‘Take the Fast Lane’.

Unfortunately for one reason or the other this project was ultimately shelved, but the redesign of the company’s logo caught the attention of the company’s executives and consequently the company went thru a full re-branding process. The building was never built but the redesigned logo survived and is being used by the company for web, print, signage and other media. The final logo was tweaked by the Company`s graphic design team.

Like they say a good design never goes waste.